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Total Package Offer: $1,667.00 USD

The Action Pack Penile Rehabilitation Program includes everything that would help you navigate through the course and more. It's an all-in package that lets you enjoy the course and follow through with it without doing anything extra - like ordering your pump or your lube ;)

  • Access to all the lesson modules
  • Vacurect Pump (or whichever you need after assessment)
  • Inject Ease
  • Lube
  • Printed Workbook with worksheets, guide, and tips
  • Workbook Digital Copy (downloadable within the program)
  • Two FREE 30-minute Consultations with Melissa to fine tune the program to your needs (must be booked within 12 weeks of signing up for the program)
  • Free delivery and discreet packaging at your designated delivery address
  • Exclusive Access to Willy Whisperers Facebook Group
  • 12-month Access to the course

What's in the Program?

Curious what's inside the program? Here's a list of what you'll be learning! You can also watch the INTRODUCTION Video below. 

Module 1: The Penis - An Overview

Module 2: Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation

Module 3: Rehabilitation

Module 4: For the Eager Beavers

Module 5: Cons of Penile Rehab

Module 6: Survivorship

Module 7: Summary​

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Not convinced yet?

No matter where you are in your journey, we highly encourage you to watch this INTRODUCTION video. This is an introduction to the Penile Rehabilitation Program by Melissa. It will give you an idea on what to expect, what to learn, and more importantly, answer some of your questions. 


It's just a 20-minute video so why not watch it, now? ;) 

What are you waiting for?​

For any questions, please do not hesitate to message us at support@rshealth.com.au.

What They Say

Hear it from them!

I am going well with the program...  It is most helpful and informative.


Brilliant! Well done and thank you. This couse is so straightforward, direct, down to earth and jam packed with useful information.


So far so good. I’m currently on module three and loving learning from it. I find your videos informative and your advice practical and evidence based and clear. I have learnt a lot so far. Thank you.


The presentation contains excellent technical information in a structured order which most men should be able to follow. I see myself as the average guy who digests information in small precise blocks and your presentation is relaxed, confident, and informative with a humours approach which puts men at ease.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I have undergone radical prostatectomy, is this for me?

I am both concerned about function and intimacy, is this for me?

I have undergone hormone therapy, is this for me?

Can I get an air embolism from using injection therapy for erections?

No, this is not possible. You will learn why in the course.

I am still to have surgery, is this for me?

Will anything bring back semen production after seed radiation?

I had my treatment 5 years ago is it too late to do rehabilitation now?

Can I include my partner in the program?

Yes, we encourage people who are part of a couple to do the program together. There is a lot of information in the program for both men with prostate cancer and their loved ones.

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For any questions, please do not hesitate to message us at support@rshealth.com.au.